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A Professionally drafted Will – Money well spent!

The number of Inheritance Disputes heard in the High Court increased from 227 in 2018 to 368 in 2019.

This rise is largely fuelled by the popularity of “DIY Wills” which are often riddled with errors and omissions.

Family members are also increasingly likely to deal with the distribution of assets themselves, rather than seeking professional advice.

Law Society President, Christina Blacklaws, said “With the range of different estates and circumstances that exist, it is vitally important people consult a professional when writing their Will. Probate Law is complex, and DIY Wills can easily contain mistakes which render them illegitimate or difficult to administer”

You can avoid the stress and upset of a dispute over your Will, by having it professionally drafted, with your Estate being expertly administered.

Contact a member of our Private Client Team for full details and advice. If you would like to bring a claim against someone’s estate, contact our specialist Litigation Team who deal with Inheritance Disputes.

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