We provide specialist legal services for a range of leasehold matters, whether it is block management, student lets, buy-to-let or you’re an ‘accidental landlord’ you may at times need legal support. Our expert team dedicated to Landlord issues provide practical and professional advice and solutions to problems when needed.

Landlord Services: Residential and Commercial

Tenancy Agreements and Leases

Advice about types of tenancy and suitability, agreements, licenses, HMO advice and compliance, deposit arrangements an compliance, disputes about tenancies, renewals, rent reviews, varying terms, notices about repairs, drafting documentation, assignment

Leasehold Property

Extensions, service charges, disputes, breach of covenant, nuisance, rights of refusal, compliance, freehold arrangements

Section 21 and Section 8 Notices

Choosing the best process and effective route to possession, court forms and documents, representation at court

Recovery of Possession

Preparation of notices, negotiation with leaseholder lenders, forfeiture, court proceedings, deposit disputes, warrants of possession

Rent Arrears

Recovery action, court proceedings, obtaining and enforcing judgment, pursuing guarantors

Block Management

Large and small scale recovery of ground rent and service charges, managed debt processes for effective recovery, obtaining judgement and forfeiture

Service Charges

Advice on recovery of service charges and cases referred to the First Tier Tribunal

County Court and First Tier Tribunal proceedings

Legal representation by experiences advocates before the Courts and Tribunals

Buying Tenanted Property

Review of existing tenancy or lease, conveyancing