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SEN | A week in Review 14th - 20th September 2020

Another week in education and the world of SEN…
  1. The frightening reality of the increased number of students having to home school in such a short period of time. The article also looks at the heightened concern over the ‘digital divide’ between families and the technology devices available to them.. FULL ARTICLE. 
  2. The Institute for Fiscal Studies has suggested that schools in poorer parts of England will struggle the most to help their pupils catch-up after the lockdown... READ NEWS REPORT.
  3. A very interesting article looking at the increase in SEND spending in Essex to meet the demand…READ MORE. 
  4. The BMJ published an article last week highlighting how the needs of disabled children have been overlooked in the wake of covid-19 pandemic quoting that “care providers are overlooking vulnerable people who will still remain vulnerable after the pandemic”... BMJ ARTICLE. 
  5. The recent article published by the BBC looks at the first official figures for school attendance in England for the autumn term. The report shows that 88% of pupils went back but this is a higher absence rate than the usual figure of about 5%... READ IN FULL

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