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Conveyancing - Top 10 FAQ's

If you’re looking for a smooth property transaction, then our conveyancing solicitors in Warwick are here to provide you with top quality service from start to finish.

This is the legal process that involves the transfer of the ownership of a home/land from the seller to the buyer. This includes all the administrative work involved in transferring the ownership, including searches on the property. Your conveyancer will also be touch with the sellers conveyancer to manage the steps from acceptance, exchange of contracts through to completion.

If you’re looking for a smooth property transaction, then our conveyancing solicitors in Warwick are here to provide you with top quality service from start to finish.

A conveyancer manages your conveyancing and they can be a solicitor, property lawyer or a licensed conveyancer who works on your behalf to find information about the background of the home, from the number of buyers and sellers involved in the process, to ultimately ensuring the legal title is transferred from the seller to the buyer.

A conveyancer is a solicitor, property lawyer or licensed person who is legally trained to help you buy, sell and let your property. They can also work out your rights in a leasehold and conduct property searches for you which is an important requirement when buying a property.

The cost of a conveyancing service can vary depending on the value of the property and how much legal work is required. The average property conveyancing costs around £850. Find out more about the services we can offer, with no obligation to proceed.

A good conveyancer will specialise in property work, keep you regularly updated, give you support, meet your exchange and completion dates, recommend the next steps, and be able to answer your questions with confidence. Our conveyancer will ensure we provide all these personal services giving you regular property progress throughout each stage of the process. Consider a local legal expert who knows the area and will be able to provide the services on your door step.

If you are looking to buy, sell or looking to re-mortgage your property, you will need a qualified conveyancer to help you through the legal processes. You will also need to have appointed a reliable conveyancer if you are planning on making an offer on a property, as the estate agent will request these details from you.

Your conveyancer will carry out property searches and surveys which is an investigation into the property you are buying, your mortgage lender, and giving you as much information as possible about the property. The sole purpose of the property search and survey is to identify things which may be out of the ordinary, or required before you purchase the property such as a boiler service, structural, damp issues and more. Your conveyancer will also be able to tell you whether the property is listed or whether you would encounter any difficulties, and will advise the actions to take. Searches and surveys are always carried out before the ‘exchange of contracts’ to give you an indication of whether your conveyancer will need to manage any property-related legal problems.

When you reach completion, your chosen conveyancer will manage all the steps involved in completing the process on your behalf. This will include the transfer of the funds for the property, and managing all the arrangements involved in tax returns, Stamp Duty Land Tax to HMRC and register your name as the owner if you are buying and mortgage lender at Land Registry.

Your conveyancer will ask for your personal identification, details of the property, influences that may affect when you would like to exchange and complete, how you plan to pay for the property, mortgage application, plans to carry out work, purchasing with someone else, whether you are in a chain or own other residential properties. You may not be asked for all these details, however at some stage you may need to provide this information to ensure legally you can buy the property.

Many mortgage lenders have a panel of solicitors who they recommend. Always ask the question whether you are required to use their panel of solicitors or if you can source your own. You may find that the panel of solicitors recommended could work faster with your mortgage lender because of the business relationship. We recommend to all potential clients to research the conveyancing solicitor and ensure they happy with their services prior to proceeding.


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