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Will and inheritance disputes

Disputes around Wills and inheritance are one of the most sensitive areas of law. Disagreements can arise because of the terms of the Will, whether it was valid or even maybe whether there is a Will at all. Whilst many disputes can arise from misunderstandings, it may be possible for resolution through negotiation or in some cases the need to go to court.

Naturally there are intense emotions behind every Will dispute and it is essential expert legal advice is sought.  Our Will disputes solicitors provide calm, friendly and professional advice.  If you dispute any part of a Will or any part of the estate, we can explain what your options are.  Disputing a Will or inheritance is a complex area of law and we will explain your options, costs and timescales at the start.

How we can help

Our specialist Will and inheritance disputes solicitors can help you achieve the best possible outcome that is the least damaging to relationships.  We take time to understand your specific situation and provide sensitive and practical advice to resolve the problem.  We can help with:

  • Challenging the validity of a Will:  If you think someone’s Will hasn’t been made properly, that it may have been forged or the person making it had been pressurised or not understood the meaning of the Will and/or lacked capacity, you may be able to challenge it.
  • Executor or Trustee disputes:  This is a complex area of law and if you are acting as an Executor or Trustee and beneficiaries or others don’t agree with what you are doing, it is essential expert advice is sought early on to avoid matters escalating.
  • Contesting inheritance provision:  If you feel you have been left out of a Will, treated unfairly or a promise made to you has been broken, you may be able to make a claim. 

Contesting a Will or inheritance can be hugely complex, especially with emotions running high and the grief of losing a loved one.  Sioban Calcott has a wealth of experience and understands the daunting and stressful situations a dispute can cause between family members.

If you have concerns about a Will or inheritance, please call our team today on 01926 491181.

Team members

Sioban Calcott FCILEx
Senior Associate | Head of Dispute Resolution

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