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Legal Aid | Community Care

We now offer Legal Aid services about Community Care legal issues, subject to you being eligible, which means you can access advice and representation about:
  • Local authority cuts to your care package
  • Inadequate or no assessment of your needs by your local authority
  • Disputes about arranging and paying for care
  • Carers rights under the Care Act 2014
  • Disputes about whether you or your loved one should live in a care home, including disputes about the care home choices you have been offered
  • Representation in the Court of Protection regarding decisions about what is in the best interests of a mentally incapacitated person (for example, where they should live, their care and contact issues)
  • Challenging a Deprivation of Liberty (DOLS) authorisation

For more information and to find out if you qualify for this funding contact our Community Care Team on 01926 354704.

Team members

Debbie Anderson
Solicitor | Director | Head of The Health and Community Care Team
Sonal Lala
Senior Solicitor
Yvonne Chapman
Senior Solicitor

News and media

  • News
    • Posted on October 24, 2019
      Our first year of holding a community care contract certainly has had lots of highs and has highlighted the vital importance of legal aid in providing access to justice for those on limited income and with little or no savings.
    • Posted on March 28, 2019
      With the dreaded “B” word still looming large across politics, it’s likely that social care issues will continue to be kicked into the long grass for some time. The Green Paper that has been promised since March 2017, aimed at tackling concerns about the affordability and sustainability of social care, is due at any moment (we are told…).

      But whilst the delays continue, it is those needing care, their carers’ and families that are bearing the costs, financially and emotionally, of the current fragile system. The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman has reported a year on year rise in complaints about social care and according to their latest annual review, this is now the second largest area of complaints that they deal with.

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