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SEN | A week in Review 12th - 18th October 2020

  1. On the 12th October, the Government announced that students will be given more time to prepare for their 2021 exams. AS, A levels and GCSEs will go ahead as they are the fairest and most accurate way to measure a pupil’s attainment – but will be held 3 weeks later to help address the disruption caused by the pandemic. Is this enough time? FULL ARTICLE HERE. 
  2. This shocking article focuses on how money is being withheld by councils for children who are attending special schools, with the knock-on effect being schools struggling to meet their overheads. The fear is, that many schools are in the same situation…READ FULL ARTICLE HERE. 
  3. Labour has called for the Government to engage with schools on SEND guidance. With the ongoing concerns regarding the support that is currently available for children with SEND, many have been denied a full-time education, school transport or even the provision they are legally entitled to. The report also suggests that the Department for Education estimated that one in five children with Education, Health and Care Plans were still not attending school at the end of last month... CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE. 
  4. The frightening reality for so many families and their ongoing battle to secure the right package of care…. READ MORE. 
  5. The return to school and adapting to the new restrictions and daily structure has been hard for many children, and for some of those with additional needs – this has been even harder. FULL ARTICLE.
  6. The pandemic hasn’t only affected pupils in Primary and Secondary Schools, students in higher education and further education are also struggling. Have they been given enough support? The BBC take a look … CLICK HERE
  7. The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman (LGO) is now well and truly up and running and the same old themes are coming through... delays always being the dominant one. This complaint was particularly poor  £1,500 for loss of earnings and £500 distress is quite a result but indicative of how parents are continually having to battle the system.. READ IN FULL HERE. 

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