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SEN | A week in Review 19th - 25th October 2020

  1. As mental health issues rise during the pandemic, it seems that services are being cut leaving families of struggling children battling to get help. The mental health crisis is more prevalent than ever, yet there are still very limited positive changes being made in such an under funded service. CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE 
  2. The Guardian highlighted fears raised by charities about the impact of mask wearing on deaf children in UK schools. They identified that one in four deaf children are being taught by staff wearing face masks, suggesting that a vast number of children could be suffering academically as they are unable to understand their teachers. As it seems that there is no clear end to the ‘new normal’, this needs to be addressed to lessen the damaging effect on these children’s education. CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE. 
  3. So many children with autism are being misdiagnosed, and it’s not just limited to girls. The detrimental effect this has on the education of these children cannot be underestimated so it is positive to see that ‘camouflaging behaviour’ is beginning to be more widely recognised. CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE. 
  4. Dominating the headlines over the past few days has been the topic of free school meals. The campaign, being led by professional footballer Marcus Rashford has gained immense support and with many businesses, restaurants, cafes already backing the movement by offering free meals and lunchboxes – will the government be pressured into making a u turn? It will be interesting to see the outcome of this truly worthy campaign. CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE.
  5. An insightful article from the Guardian highlighted how ‘one in six children aged 5-16 in England are likely to have a mental disorder’. It also suggested that the probable rates of mental health disorders amongst children and young people have increased by almost half since 2017! It is likely that these figures will increase again with the impact of COVID-19 and lockdown affecting so many lives. CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE. 

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