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SEN | A week in Review 28th September - 4th October 2020

Our Education Law Team take a look at what's happened in the past week for SEN and Education....
  1. The Law Gazette published an interesting article, identifying that “The Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal is a thorn in the side of local councils. Campaigners and disability charities are determined to keep it that way”. A statement that we strongly agree with! FULL ARTICLE HERE
  2. Ministers are using powers under the Coronavirus Act to require schools to offer pupils who are not in school the same lessons as those in class. This is great news for many, however students needing 1:1 with their teachers or those without the required technology at home will still not reap the benefits. READ MORE
  3. As some children with SEND are yet to return to school following the pandemic, the BBC looked at the ‘forgotten children’. A mindful insight into the lives of many families still battling to get their children back into education… FULL BBC ARTICLE HERE 
  4. A frightening statistic that ‘almost one in five SEND pupils are missing out on education due to problems with infection control and timetables’…. FULL ARTILCE HERE 

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