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SEN | A week in Review 5th - 11th October 2020

A very mixed week in the world of education and SEN….
  1. A report published last week identified that the government’s decision during the pandemic to downgrade SEND legal requirements may have had severe consequences on a high number of students. A very interesting and informative study giving a clear insight into the impact of the latest changes…. FULL REPORT 
  2. The ‘We’re always there for them’ article published by the Guardian, was a great talking point last week. The article looked at how more teachers are rejecting a punitive based approach to behaviour management and opting for ‘trauma informed’ behaviour management instead, which is based on the children’s emotional needs. It also asked the question… 'Is the tide turning against zero-tolerance in UK schools? This is closely connected to really important conversations about exclusions and their disproportionate impact on children with SEND.  FULL ARTICLE 
  3. As many parents of children both with and without SEN experienced first-hand, the coronavirus pandemic had a huge impact on childrens' mental health. The constant change of routine and structure has taken a lot of getting used to and in some cases, children are still adapting. The BBC article identified that fewer than half of state schools in England offer counselling for pupils on site in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown. READ MORE.
  4. The Covid generation | An interesting article published by have quoted Ofsted as saying, “school leaders determined pupils won’t become the ‘the COVID generation’”. The report looks at how schools and children’s homes are addressing the needs of children during this time and how they are managing pupils’ return to education under the current covid-19 restrictions. CLICK FOR ARTICLE. 
  5. A very sad but also repeatedly highlighted statistic published in the BBC’s article ‘Disabled children’s families ‘struggling’ for support’ reported that hundreds of families with disabled or seriously ill children are still struggling to receive support since lockdown. We are receiving more and more calls from families currently still in this same ongoing situation, if you need help and advice please do not hesitate to get in touch. READ MORE.
  6. ‘More harm than good?’ The talk of SATs and inspections being cancelled to prevent more harm is most certainly a topic that will be continuing over the coming weeks and months – one to watch out for. Scotland have already confirmed that they are cancelling their National 5 exams (the Scottish equivalent of GCSEs) so that they can focus on highers (their equivalent of A-Levels). They are already producing contingency planning should highers also be cancelled. It will be interesting to see whether the English and Welsh governments follow…. NEWS CHAIN ARTICLE and click HERE for The Guardian 

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