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SEN | A week in Review 26th October - 1st November 2020

  1. An interesting article has been published by the Independent from Nana Marfo and the challenges he faced growing up black and disabled. We all need to be aware of intersectionality when we work with disadvantaged groups and this article sparks lots of challenging ideas.  CLICK HERE 
  2. Targeted intervention can be a great opportunity but for children with special educational needs and disabilities, this opportunity is often missed. Last week, an article published by TES looked at the top 3 questions that should be asked about every SEND intervention. To make sure that all intervention leads to better outcomes for children with SEN – whether it is evidence based, whether it is of equitable quality and what the student is losing. The article looks at these questions in more detail……. FULL ARTICLE 
  3. Following on from the announcement that exams are to be delayed by three weeks, there have been further pleas from teachers and heads to pause Sats, league tables and OFSTED but will the government heed their calls, and put in place other forms of assessment instead?  FULL ARTICLE
  4. After the latest government announcement that England will begin a second lockdown on Thursday 5th November, the BBC reported that in some of the hardest hit areas, there are are calls for schools and colleges to close during lockdown. This is news that many parents would dread to hear as children have just begun to settle back into their educational settings with the start of the ‘new normal’. There is a really difficult balancing act to be struck between education and safety. If you are concerned that your child’s educational setting has not got the balance right for your child, please do get in touch with us... FULL ARTICLE 

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