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STEP (The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners)

STEP (The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) is the leading worldwide professional body for practitioners in the fields of trusts, estates and related issues.  Ann Donnelly is the only lawyer holding a STEP diploma in Trusts and Estates in Warwick.  STEP practitioners help families plan for their long term financial future and also help them to comply with the often complex tax rules surrounding trusts, estates and inheritance.

STEP members are few and far between and spend about 4 years studying to gain the qualification.  It provides both an academic and a professional qualification which is well recognised within the industry.  It has provided Ann with an appreciation of the issues that arise in trusts and estates practice and has given her the practical knowledge of the law and procedures involved.

The benefits the qualification has given to both Ann and the firm is that it has increased her knowledge and understanding of the legal and financial principles and aligning administrations of an estate and trusts. (Basically, knows everything an accountant knows without being as boring!)  It also brings Ann into contact with other step members which allows the opportunity to discuss issues with colleagues.

The fact that we have Ann as a member of STEP’s is really something to be proud of.

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