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Inheritance Tax—Are you in the threshold?

Treasury forecasts suggest that due to rising house prices and the recovering economy, tens of thousands of people are going to be pushed over the current £325,000 threshold for paying death duty.

Even taking into account the transferable nil rate band between spouses, (which raises the threshold to £650,000) inheritance tax is now hitting an increasing number of middle income families, even though it was set up to tax the really very wealthy.  Property prices have been rising at faster than 10% in some areas and senior MP’s have called for reforms to inheritance tax to protect middle income families whose homes have risen in value.

People of all ages are looking for help and advice on inheritance tax on their ageing parents’ estates.

Ann Donnelly is STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) qualified and can provide advice on inheritance tax issues.  She has extensive experience in setting up Trusts to safeguard interests and protect assets.  Planning now allows reliefs and exemptions to be considered and takes care of your family in the future.

If you have a question about inheritance tax or Trusts, please call Ann for free initial advice on 01926 491181.


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