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Wills in the UK - Reservations amongst the over 50's

A survey has been carried out of 1000 people....

Do you have a valid up-to-date Will?

70% don’t have a valid up-to-date Will document

46% have had a major life change since they last reviewed their document

Wills gathering dust

24% Haven’t reviewed their Will for 5 years

10% haven’t reviewed their Will at all for over for 10 years

Life changes but has your Will?

69% are saying that they would not be completely confident that their family would carry out their final wishes were they to die without a valid Will

22% admit to having had a new grandchild enter the family since they last reviewed their Will

20% have either bought or sold a property since they last reviewed their Will

10% have seen at least one of their children get married since they last reviewed their Will

Barriers to talking about Wills

25% of adults of all ages are delaying writing Wills for the following reasons:

21% - too much hassle

21% feel they don’t have enough assets to make it worthwhile

21% have concerns about legal costs involved

19%  it hasn’t occurred to them that they might need a Will

Adults with a valid Will in the UK

In the Midlands only 18% of adults have a valid Will

Everyone deserves a Will

74% of women admit they would not be completely confident that their family members would know how to attend to their wishes and distribute their assets

27% of British women believe they don’t actually have any assets to make it worth while creating a Will


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