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National Dementia Carer's Day - 13th September 2015

Being a carer requires time, energy and compassion. Thousands of carers willingly provide this support but how would you feel if you were also asked to make a financial contribution towards the cost of your husband or wife’s care?

Following the introduction of the first part of the Care Act this April, the Local Authority has a duty to assess both the cared for and the carer under new eligibility criteria.  Also, for the first time, carers are able to request an assessment of their support needs before they begin their caring role.

Any financial assessment should be carried out on an individual basis and on their own resources.  However,  there may be many couples who are still assessed jointly and paying more than they should for care.

If you have any query regarding the legal aspects of care, please call our specialist Health and Community Care team for free initial advice on 01926 491181.



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