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Dementia Awareness Week

It’s been a busy Dementia Awareness Week for us, and staff have been lucky enough to participate in a range of events, with talks, coffee, conferences and even cupcake practice thrown in (more of which later)!
There has been a real sense of people coming together, supporting each other, sharing information, advice and laughs along the way.

When we first started our Health and Community care team, talking about dementia drew fearful reactions. Many people felt that all it represented was an inevitable conveyor belt of care, and an increasing lack of control. It was perhaps not surprising that many doctors did not see the point of giving a diagnosis just as many clients were reluctant to seek one.

Thankfully, as our understanding of dementia has improved, so has the way we work alongside those affected.

For us, with our legal heads on, promoting the Mental Capacity Act 2005 is the cornerstone of our work.  Nothing says ‘prepare for care’ more than a law that lets you set out NOW, the care, support and treatment you want in the future.

The Mental Capacity Act enables choice, control and independence.  The supporting Code of Practice provides advice and guidance that ensures we put those who have an illness or disability that affects their capacity, at the heart of decision making.

When it was first introduced it marked a huge attitude shift – from ‘doing for’ vulnerable adults, to ‘doing with’, and over 10 years later we see this embodied Dementia Awareness Week.  There is life, choice and control after diagnosis. 

That’s why we are proud to be united against dementia.

Now, back to cupcakes…staff whose skills do not lie in the kitchen are busy practising for Cupcake day……our final offerings may really be only for the brave!  Looking forward to the 15th June 2017.

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