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The importance of care records in relation to continuing healthcare assessments

Our Health and Community Care team are often asked about care records and how these can be used in relation to continuing healthcare assessments. These are just some of the questions we are asked where at least part of the answer is “… it depends what the care records show”


Good quality, accurate care records fulfil a range of purposes, including;

  • Helping to ensure service users are safe
  • Demonstrating that services are meeting their legal requirements
  • Providing evidence of an individual’s care needs and how those needs are met

If you or a loved one receives paid care, it is worth spending some time familiarising yourself with the relevant care records. Many people are unaware of the information a care provider must record about them or their loved one until they participate in a NHS continuing healthcare assessment and the question of care funding raises its head.

Not only does this give you a picture of how professionals see yours or your loved one’s care needs, it also gives you the chance to think of any questions you want to ask, correct any inaccuracies and provide information that might have been missed.

Feel daunted at the prospect? Want some independent help?

Our Health and Community Care Team have a wealth of up to date knowledge and experience in the law relating to care, including care records. We provide advice and guidance to individuals, families and care providers on record keeping, monitoring and reviews. We also use care records to provide detailed, tailored advice to client’s in order to answer the questions posed at the start of this article.

To speak to a member of our team email Debbie Anderson, Head of Health & Community Care team on or call 01926 491181


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