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Are you missing out on care funding?

NHS continuing healthcare is non-means tested NHS funding that pays for a package of care to meet your assessed needs, either in your own home or a care home. With care fees often over £1000 per week it is not surprising that many people want to be assessed for eligibility which could ensure access to the care they need whilst preserving their hard earned savings.

Sounds good? You perhaps won’t be surprised to know that the assessment process can be far from straightforward.  From the ‘checklist’ through the ‘domains’, ‘decision support tool’, ‘characteristics of health needs’ to ‘funded nursing contribution’, ‘joint packages’ and ‘personal health budgets’, families often feel unsupported and ill-equipped to hold their own in a meeting of professionals well versed in applying the law.

Mr George had been trying to get a continuing healthcare assessment for over four months for his wife. Despite his constant phone calls nothing was happening. After we stepped in an assessment was arranged and Mrs George was found eligible for the funding.

And then there are the myths and misinformation….’you can only be eligible if you are at deaths’ door’, ‘you need to be using a hoist’, ‘you won’t get funding unless you have challenging behaviour’, ‘your needs have to be really unpredictable’, to name but a few.

Anita was told that her Mum, June, wouldn’t be eligible for continuing healthcare because she lived in a residential home and felt that because of this the actual assessment was a forgone conclusion. We represented the family and attended the new assessment and this time June was found eligible.


In order to prepare for the continuing healthcare assessment, we reviewed Mark’s care records and worked with the care provider to introduce more detailed recording that fully showed his health needs. We then provided a report on Mark’s health needs and potential eligibility in readiness for the assessment meeting.


As eligibility relies on those conducting the assessment (‘the multi-disciplinary team’) gathering detailed information about the individual’s health needs and rigorously applying the law and guidance to their particular circumstances, families have an important role to play, but are often left feeling frustrated. 

We represented Gary at a continuing healthcare appeal panel for his daughter, successfully recovering over £86,000 in backdated care fees for the family.

Here at Moore & Tibbits we have a dedicated Health and Community Care team offering information, support and representation on all aspects of the NHS continuing healthcare process, giving individuals and their family’s confidence and reassurance.  Comprising solicitors and a Registered Nurse, we work with hundreds of families each year to secure thousands of pounds of funding.  

STOP PRESS ---- The new National Framework comes into effect in October 2018 – are you ready?

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