Some key points to report:

  • There were 239,020 marriages between opposite-sex couples in 2015, a 3.4% decrease on 2014.
  • Marriage rates for opposite-sex couples in 2015 were the lowest on record, with 21.7 marriages per thousand unmarried men, and 19.8 marriages per thousand unmarried women.
  • Compared with 2005, marriage rates for opposite-sex couples marrying in 2015 were lower at all ages, except for men aged 65 and over and women aged 55 and over where marriage rates increased.
  • In 2015 there were 6,493 marriages between same-sex couples (accounting for 2.6% of all marriages), with a further 9,156 same-sex couples converting their civil partnership into a marriage (which, if added to the 6,493 marriages, means 6.1% of all marriages in 2015 were between same-sex couples)
  • In 2015, of all individuals marrying a same-sex partner, 85% were forming their first legally recognised partnership compared with 76% for opposite-sex couples.


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