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One step closer to the National Framework...

March saw the publication of the new National Framework for NHS continuing healthcare and NHS Funded
Nursing Care.

Coming into effect in October this year, it is more ‘tweaking’ than major overhaul, with the most obvious change being the order of the domains with the more contentious ones moved to later in the assessment! The new Framework is accompanied by revised Checklist and Decision Support Tool documents; we will be covering the changes in more detail in our legal updates and training sessions. The underlying issue though - that tricky divide between what is ‘health’ and what is ‘social’ care - remains. This grey area has led to big variations in who is found eligibile between Clinical Commissioning Groups and the new Framework is supposed to bring greater consistency. Given that the NHS needs to make £821 million in savings in continuing healthcare and funded nursing care, we cannot imagine that the changes will make eligibility more straightforward.


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