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Landmark case in the ongoing battle of Japanese Knotweed.

For many homeowners, the recent landmark Appeal Court ruling against Network Rail will be welcome news! Homeowners, Stephen Williams and Robin Waistell recently took Network Rail to court after claiming that they had not taken adequate measures to deal with the highly invasive and fast-growing weed which had encroached onto their properties.

In the first instance, both homeowners were awarded damages through the County Court, but Network Rail appealed the decision. Following the recent ruling in the Appeal Court, the court again sided with the homeowners, meaning that National Rail were deemed to have not been taking adequate responsibility and actions towards controlling the weed.

The recent ruling from the landmark case could now mean that homeowners can take legal action if a neighbouring property suffering from Japanese Knotweed is not being treated accordingly. Due to the weed being so difficult and expensive to control, it can in many cases affect decisions made by mortgage lenders and also insurance companies having a detrimental effect on property value.


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