• Over a third (36%) of people have not made any provisions for later life, including saving for retirement, putting into a pension, writing a will or creating an LPA
  • 97% of people are leaving health and welfare decions to chance
  • 70% of those polled would like a family member to make medical and care decisions on their behalf, in the event of mental capacity - in reality this won't happen without an LPA
  • 79% of people haven't discussed their medical or care wishes with loved ones; of those, 27% haven't even thought about their wishes
  • Over half (58%) of Brits incorrectly believe that the NHS organ donar register carries all the information needed to ensure organs are donated.


If you are worried about your provisions for later life and would like to speak to our Solicitor for the Elderly Full Accredited member Claire Houghton please email ClaireH@moore-tibbits.co.uk or call 01926 491181