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Unmarried cohabiting couples and the myth of 'common law marriage'

A number of organisations (including Resolution, the Bar Council, and the Law Society of England and Wales) have written a joint letter to the Guardian imploring the government to reform the law as it relates to unmarried cohabiting couples. As things stand, such couples have very little legal protection on separation.

In the letter, the organisations note the ongoing steady decline in the number of marriages. Currently one in eight adults in England and Wales cohabits on an unmarried basis, and this trend is increasing steadily. However, research suggests that upwards of two in three cohabiting couples do not realise that, from a legal perspective, there is no such thing as “common law marriage”.

The letter firmly suggests that, pending legal reform, the government must seek to “raise public awareness of the lack of protections in place and challenge the common law marriage myth”.


To read the full letter, follow this link:


Article by Karol Kaliczak 


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