66% of all civil partnerships formed in 2017 were between men.

51% of those entering a civil partnership in 2017 were aged 50 years and over; this compares with 19% in 2013, prior to the introduction of same-sex marriages.

In 2017, the average age of men forming a civil partnership was 50.3 years – slightly higher than the 49.5 years average age for women.

London continued to be the most popular region for the formation of civil partnerships with 37% of all civil partnerships in 2017 taking place in London.

There were 1,217 civil partnership dissolutions (the civil partnership equivalent of divorce) in 2017, of which 57% were to female couples.

For the full ONS report, please follow this link.


Of course, the government has now announced that mixed-sex couples will be entitled to enter into civil partnerships as an alternative to marriage, and it will be interesting to see how many mixed-sex couples opt for a civil partnership over marriage going forward.

Karol Kaliczak 


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