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Law Commission asked to review Marriage Law

Further to the government having launched a consultation in respect of divorce law, it appears that the law around weddings and marriage is also going to receive some attention.

Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, has asked the Law Commission ( to review the law relating to marriage in England and Wales. The Law Commission has been requested to look at options for a fairer and easier system.

This step follows the Law Commission having published a paper back in 2015 detailing various problems with the law around how and where people are allowed to get married. The Law Commission concluded that the law as it currently stands, which dates back to 1836, is outdated, restrictive, and does not meet the needs of today’s marrying couples.

The Law Commission recommended reform to provide for greater flexibility in respect of, amongst other things, where a wedding can take place – the current law is very restrictive in this regard and likely leads to increased costs for marrying couples.

We look forward to considering the Law Commission’s review in due course; and, as with divorce law, Moore & Tibbits Solicitors support common sense reform in this area.

Article by: Karol Kaliczak 

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