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Calls for Urgent Divorce Law Reform

Resolution ( has urged the Government to end ‘the blame game’ and urgently reform divorce law for the sake of the children of separating couples. This follows the government having recently taken the encouraging step of announcing a divorce law consultation

Resolution points to the findings of a YouGov poll (commissioned by Resolution) which found that 79% of people believe that an acrimonious divorce/separation can have an adverse impact on a child’s mental health. 77% of people felt that divorce/separation conflict could affect a child's performance at school, and two-thirds of people felt it could affect a child’s ability to form healthy relationships and interact socially with others.

Those opposed to divorce law reform often argue that it might undermine the institution of marriage and lead to an increased number of divorces. Resolution, however, cite figures from Scotland – where a divorce can be secured simply on the basis of one-year’s separation – which demonstrate no correlated increase in the number of divorces.

At Moore & Tibbits Solicitors we support Resolution’s call for common sense reform. We agree that divorce law as it currently stands in England and Wales is often a recipe for unnecessary conflict, confrontation, and upset; and that it is often children caught in the middle who suffer the most.

The government consultation is scheduled to close on 10th December 2018.

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