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#DivorceDay | Our Family Barrister's thoughts...

You may have heard in the news that Monday (7th January 2018) was ‘Divorce Day’: the day when lawyers have come to expect a significant surge in the number of divorce enquiries after the dust has settled on Christmas.This then begs the question: what is it about the Christmas period that leads to this surge in marital breakdowns?

Although for many families Christmas is a special time, it can also be an extremely challenging one for couples who are separated or whose marriages are in difficulty. Arguments can often arise in in respect of financial issues, and in respect of the arrangements for children. Although it can be lovely having family members around to visit, the added pressures and family obligations over the Christmas period can lead to tension and flare-ups. And if Christmas goes wrong, then there can be a real feeling of resentment in the aftermath – a raw sense that what should have been a happy time was ruined by your partner’s unreasonable actions. On top of that, many individuals in the new year start thinking in terms of fresh starts, and if they have decided that their marriage is over then they find the motivation to begin what will inevitably be a difficult process.


Whatever the season, the breakdown of a marriage is always going to a difficult time for those involved. By way of general advice, we would suggest to anyone in that position to be patient and to try to be reasonable. Getting a divorce and sorting out all the issues that arise – financial, and/or child-related – will be difficult and will take time. The more constructive the atmosphere in which these issues are dealt with, the better. It may be easier said than done, but as far as possible anger and resentment should be put aside as it will only lead to stress and increased legal costs. Keep your eye on the prize: sorting out the divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible, reaching agreement in respect of the financial or child-related issues, and beginning the next chapter of your life. Divorce is never easy, but you can make it a lot harder for yourself, in which case only the lawyers will benefit. It is especially important to approach things constructively when there are young children involved – the impact of an acrimonious divorce can be hugely damaging for them.

Karol Kaliczak 


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