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NHS Continuing healthcare and the benefits of the 'new' review approach

We welcomed on October 1, 2018 the revised national framework for NHS continuing healthcare. The aim of this change being to provide more clarity around the concepts involved in the process, and to shift the focus of annual assessments to determine eligibility, to one of focus on how well the package is working.

So, it was such a positive to attend one of these new ‘review visits’ for one of our clients today, and to sit with such an experienced professional in the field of mental health, and who demonstrated such clinical insight into the needs of our client. The assessor asked the right questions, listened to the Nurse who cares for our client, and actually considered the needs our client has in such a holistic way, that despite some minor changes to the client’s needs was able to conclude that our client’s needs are being well-managed, but more importantly they still represent health.

It does make me wonder though, what if a different assessor had attended? Would the minor changes in our client’s needs led to a further assessment to determine eligibility?  I ask this because to a large extent this new approach will, only be fair and consistent if the clinician carrying out the review is able to provide the level of clinical judgment I happened to observe today.


Article by: Judy Timson


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