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Harvey and Me |The complex world of transitioning into the adult care system.

If you didn’t watch it last night, you might have read about it today… Katie Price: Harvey and Me on BBC One.

The heartfelt program followed Katie Price on her journey of finding a suitable care and educational setting for her son Harvey as they explore the options of further education colleges. As Harvey is set to turn 18, it also gave an insight into the complicated world of transitioning from the childcare system to the adult social care system. Filled with raw emotion, the main focus was to highlight the complex and difficult journey many parents and carers go through in getting their children into suitable adult care settings. We are sure that many parents sympathised with her struggles. With many obstacles in the way, exhausted and anxious parents/ carers are fighting daily for to get the right care and education provision for these vulnerable young adults.

We have worked closely with many families going through exactly this process and can help offer advice and guidance on the best path forward. Don’t struggle alone in the minefield that is transitioning from the child to the adult social care system, contact us today for free initial advice by calling 01926 354704 or email: 

Watch the full program on BBC iPlayer:

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