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Resolution survey highlights the need for early legal advice for divorcing couples

Resolution is a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way with as little conflict as possible.

According to a Resolution commissioned YouGov survey in which 1,000 participants took part, 41% of those divorced in the last five years suffered mental health episodes including depression and anxiety compared to 29% among those who got divorced more than 5 years ago.  These figures highlight a significant worsening of people’s experience of divorce with a worrying 54% having suicidal thoughts compared with 32% of those who divorced more than 5 years ago.

A key point from the findings of this survey found 63% felt that having early access to professional advice where legal rights and options are explained from the outset would have improved their personal experience for themselves and their children.  A lack of awareness of out-of-court options was also found with just 21% aware of arbitration and 36% mediation.

Carline Gayle-Buckle is a member of Resolution and also a trained collaborative lawyer.  If you are separating, it is important to understand your options and this survey highlights the importance of clear and transparent advice at the outset.  Please call Carline for a free initial telephone consultation

Resolution commissioned the YouGov research for Good Divorce Week 2020 which took place last November.

For further information in relation to the survey, please click here.  

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