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Divorce | Client delighted with almost £250,000 increase in settlement

Our family Barrister, Karol Kaliczak recently represented a client in a long running hard fought divorce where the overall marital assets were worth just over £2 million. Assets involved included a property worth well over a £1million as well as high value sports cars.

With delays due to the coronavirus pandemic as well as the husband fighting every step of the way, after over three years of negotiating we are delighted that settlement was agreed on the day of the final hearing.  The settlement agreed represents almost £250,000 more to our client than the other party was initially offering as a “fair settlement”.

For many divorcing couples, trying to agree a financial settlement can be one of the most stressful parts of the process.  In cases where large sums of money are involved, it is not just a question of how the money should be split between the parties but also how the settlement should be structured especially if some of the assets are difficult to value.

Our client was absolutely delighted with the result and told us how supported she had felt throughout the process by Moore & Tibbits.

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