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Do you know what NHS continuing healthcare funding is?

Recent research conducted for the annual Just Group Care Report found that nearly eight in 10 (77%) of over 45’s are unaware of NHS continuing healthcare funding (NHS CHC).

Shockingly, six in 10 (60%) of people who have helped a loved one with their care funding arrangements had never heard of CHC, although this figure drops to 36% among those who used a financial adviser to support them.

NHS CHC is not means tested and is the term used when NHS funding pays for the whole of your package of care.

Our clinical expert, Judy Timson (RGN) has reviewed the recent statistics published by NHS England for Q3 2022/23:

The number of referrals completed was 43,246.  Of these, 15,997 were via the standard NHS assessment route and 27,249 were via the fast-track assessment route.  A total of 4,890 referrals were discounted before an assessment took place.
The number of people actually assessed was 38,356.  12,433 were via the standard assessment route and 25,923 were via the fast-track route. 
The number of people found eligible via the standard route was 2,894 with 25,923 via the fast-track process.
The total number of those found not eligible for Q3 was 28,774.

These statistics represent those people who have been referred into the process and show the vast gap in the number of people found eligible via the fast track process (those with palliative/terminal needs) and those who are assessed via the standard assessment using the Decision Support Tool. This disparity has been consistent since Q3 2020/21. This is particularly evident from a graph provided in the Q3 report showing numbers found eligible via the standard route to be consistently below 5000 each quarter.


Many people find the CHC process challenging, with difficulties trying to get the outcome they believe their loved ones should meet ie. eligibility.  We frequently receive calls from people who have incidentally become aware of CHC  from either media reports, or when social services become involved for the first time.  Many call us when a loved one’s finances have dwindled down to the threshold of £23,250 or less who are unaware of CHC funding.

So is it a case that the process appears to be too low in profile, certainly some of our callers have said they think it is a  strategy the NHS use to avoid people applying. This is not the view we would hold, but there is certainly a lack of awareness in some areas of our society. 

Judy, (who used to be a CHC assessor) is an integral part of the health and community care team at Moore & Tibbits.  Her in-depth knowledge of this area, helps clients to navigate the CHC process which can seem daunting and overwhelming at an already stressful time in one’s life.  Her expertise enables her to understand the complexities of each individual case.

We can help with:

  • The assessment process
  • Eligibility for continuing healthcare
  • Appeals of decisions
  • Challenges
  • Annual reviews
  • Retrospective applications.

If you would like more information on the processes involved, we have a wealth of information on our website to help people.  Please visit our pages on continuing healthcare and decision support tool to see how we can help you.

If you would like a free initial telephone discussion with Judy, please contact her on 01926 354704

Judy Timson RGN | Clinical Advisor

For full details of the report and statistics from NHS England, please click here.

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