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Warwick Words History Festival 2023 – Exciting events

Moore & Tibbits are delighted to support the Warwick Words History Festival for another year. The history festival includes a host of brilliant talks, walks and tours spanning 2,000 years of history from the Romans to the Windsors during the Festival week of 2nd – 8th October.

Taking place at the Festival’s main venue, Castle Hill Baptist Church, Moore & Tibbits are sponsoring the following events:

Monday 2nd October  - NOW SOLD OUT!

Dr Janina Ramirez | Femina

Castle Hill Baptist Church, 7:30 pm

In Femina, Dr Janina Ramirez, cultural historian, broadcaster and author, has drawn on recent discoveries, advances in DNA and technology, and evidence from art, music, literature and science, to shine a light on a different view of the medieval world: a new history of the Middle Ages, through the women written out of it.

Join Janina as she explores the roles of the ‘great men’ of the colonial era, medieval-minded suffragettes, and the romantic treatment by Pre-Raphaelite artists, taking us back to the actual worlds inhabited by women of the past, to show how those women have been rewritten, overwritten, ignored … and written out.

Saturday 7th October

David Reynolds | Mirrors of Greatness

Castle Hill Baptist Church, 7:30 pm

Churchill and the Leaders Who Shaped Him

Winston Churchill yearned to be ‘great’, to gain historical immortality. He did so, through deeds and words: his actions as a soldier and politician, his writing as a journalist and historian.

Churchill’s path to greatness was also defined by the leaders he encountered along the way, both friend and foe: Hitler and Mussolini, Roosevelt and Stalin, David Lloyd George, Neville Chamberlain, Charles de Gaulle. The haunting presence of an adored father, who had seen nothing of merit in his troublesome son. In these men Churchill discerned greatness, or its absence, in ways that influenced his own career.

Join award-winning author, David Reynolds, as he offers a vivid new perspective on Churchill’s life and work, showing how this unique man learned from his ‘great contemporaries’ – and what they saw in him.

Tickets are £12

Tickets are selling out fast, so please click here to book your tickets today.  

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