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NHS Continuing Healthcare & Adult Social Care | April 2021 Review

Charlotte Bell, Solicitor in our Health & Community Care Team takes a look at the latest news for NHS Continuing Healthcare and Adult Social Care.
  1. Should the Covid-19 vaccination be mandatory for care home workers? This article reviews the current vaccination roll out amongst adult social care staff. To ensure the minimum level of protection against Covid-19, the DHSC have stated that 80% of care home staff and 90% of residents need to have had their first dose of the vaccine. At present, staff vaccination is below the minimum level in over eighty local authority areas with some staff vaccination below 70%. Therefore, should the vaccination be mandatory amongst staff? If so, does the vaccine become mandatory for care home staff and all NHS workers? Where do we draw the line? This articles explores the consequences of mandatory vaccinations, to read the full article click HERE.
  2. During April, we have been inundated with the news of over £400,000 social care workers yet to receive their vaccinations. So, how do we protect the most vulnerable…mandatory vaccinations? This article reviews the current dilemma of mandatory vaccinations amongst adult social care staff and whether there is any consideration of consent and choice for staff. To read the full article, click HERE.
  3. A call for change? This article demonstrates the concerns of family members regarding visits homes for individuals residing in residential settings. The family of Jake Wright state “the positive effects of a visit to his family’s home are quickly undone when he is forced to isolate for a fortnight each time he return to care”. The government have stated that they will publish updated guidance for residential placements to support residents to enjoy visits outside of an care home settings. To read the full article, click HERE

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