The new fees are as follows:-

  • Application to register an Enduring, or Lasting Power of attorney will fall from £110 to £82.
  • Repeat application to register a Lasting Power of Attorney will be reduced from £55 to £41.

In regards to exemption or remission of fees, these processes can still be applied for in certain circumstances. For example; if the donor (the person who made the Lasting Power of Attorney or Enduring Power of Attorney) already receives certain means tested benefits then they will be exempt from paying the fee. These benefits will be listed on the form during the application process. Also, if the donor’s income is less than £12,000 a year, only 50% of the fee will need to be paid, this is known as remission.

We believe these new fees will come into force on the 1st April 2017 and a link to the new regulations can be found here.

For more details on creating Lasting Powers of Attorney please click here.