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There is no doubt that health and social care issues will continue to be in the headlines in the coming year. But, whilst we wait for policy announcements on the bigger picture, it is individuals and their families that are bearing the costs, financially and emotionally, of the current pressures.

According to recent reports, there are now 400,000 fewer adults receiving financial assistance from their local authority and the hours of unpaid care continues to rise. It is more important than ever that individuals, carers and families have access to up to date information about the choices available to them, yet time and again people are handed a leaflet and left to get on with it themselves, or worse, given incorrect advice and pressured into rushed decisions. The recent decision by the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman (January 2018) against Lincolnshire Council is just one example of this:here, a family was not given vital information about choosing and paying for a care home and were left struggling to meet a £60 per week top up.

There are plenty of obligations on health and social care providers to offer accurate information and advice, but it often ends up being provided in a rush (for example, during hospital discharge) with no time to discuss the options properly before you are pressured into making a decision. Here’s where we can help.

Our dedicated Care Team can offer impartial, up to date advice and representation, based on case law, legislation and local provision that considers YOUR needs and circumstances in their entirety rather than on a decision by decision basis we give you reassurance to make the best choices for YOU. Other professionals may give you a piece of the puzzle, we can complete the picture.


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