Debbie Anderson

Solicitor - Director - Head of The Health and Community Care Team

I am a Director of Moore & Tibbits and Head of the Health and Community Care team. 

I am sure that you cannot have missed the ongoing public debates and concerns about health and social care – I have spent the last 18 years working in this challenging and diverse area and have a wealth of experience in supporting vulnerable adults and their families as they try to navigate the broken care and education system.

In recent years, I have developed our multi-disciplinary team which provides a one-stop source of legal advice for all things health and social care.  I have recruited a full time nurse and former CHC assessor, an Advocate who retrained to become a lawyer, a solicitor who was previously a senior local authority lawyer in Adult Social Care and solicitors with litigation backgrounds.  This enables me to ensure that a client has access to the team member who can offer the most relevant legal/clinical advice and representation for their circumstances.

I work across a wide range of areas in Education law, Health and Community Care and, having personal experience battling with public authorities to secure the right level of support for my own son, I have a particular interest in working with young people and their families as they transition from Children to Adult Services.

I regularly attend best interest meetings and CHC assessments and also advise as to the lawfulness of assessments and EHC plans.  I am often involved in challenging local authority or CCG decisions, particularly when such decisions are influenced by a lack of resources and result in proposed cuts to packages of CAE or a possible change in accommodation.

In addition, I and various members of the team regularly provide advice and training to charities and support groups and also run legal clinics throughout Warwickshire and beyond.

If you have any questions regarding the level of support you or your loved one is receiving or how it is funded, we can offer free initial advice.  Please call Debbie on 01926 354704 to talk through your options.


News and media

  • News
    • Posted on June 12, 2019
      Moore & Tibbits are delighted to announce the launch of their new Education Law team.
    • Posted on April 16, 2019
      We are six months in delivering a legal aid contract for community care and whilst the paperwork at times seems baffling, the results we can achieve on behalf of our clients makes all the administrative tangles worthwhile.
    • Posted on March 28, 2019
      With the dreaded “B” word still looming large across politics, it’s likely that social care issues will continue to be kicked into the long grass for some time. The Green Paper that has been promised since March 2017, aimed at tackling concerns about the affordability and sustainability of social care, is due at any moment (we are told…).

      But whilst the delays continue, it is those needing care, their carers’ and families that are bearing the costs, financially and emotionally, of the current fragile system. The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman has reported a year on year rise in complaints about social care and according to their latest annual review, this is now the second largest area of complaints that they deal with.

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