It is in this context that the government is setting out wide-ranging new proposals for dealing with domestic abuse. The proposals (still to be consulted upon) include:

•             Tougher criminal sentences where individuals are convicted of domestic abuse where children are involved

•             Giving domestic abuse victims the same status as slavery or sex offence victims

•             Greater support for and sensitivity towards victims giving evidence in court

•             A new definition of ‘economic’ domestic abuse (e.g. victims being bullied into taking out loans)

•             Allowing police greater freedom to disclose to potential victims information about previous violent offending by a new partner

•             The electronic tagging of suspected domestic abusers

•             The bringing in of Domestic Abuse Protection Orders (DAPOs) that would allow police and courts to intervene earlier where abuse is suspected

•             The creation of an independent domestic abuse commissioner

Although the proposals have been broadly well-received, there are some who question the government’s commitment to a long-term, sustainable funding plan for the refuge services and facilities that are so crucial in giving victims a viable escape route.


The consultation period will run until 31 May.


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