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Pensioners with savings are paying more money for the same care

A recent report by care industry analysts LaingBuisson highlighted the huge difference in care home fees between those with their own savings compared to individuals who receive financial support from their local authority

The report identified that residents who pay privately for their care pay £195 more each week than local authority supported residents. Over the course a year, this amounts to over £10,000 more being paid to receive the same care service.

When it comes to complex care needs, the difference in care fees is even greater, with self-funded residents paying on average £270 a week more than taxpayer-assisted residents at a difference of more than £14,000 a year.

It’s not surprising then that many people regard this informal subsidy as unfair.  This is particularly the case when private payers have spent their money, turned to the local authority for help themselves and then been told they have to move to a cheaper care home.

The LaingBuisson report serves as another reminder of the importance of seeking legal advice regarding to care planning, fees and care assessments.  This can promote sustainability of care and provide longer term reassurance during what is often a very difficult time.


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