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Are you furloughed and about to take family related leave?

Many families are under huge financial strain as a result of Covid-19 and for those about to take time off for family related leave are especially concerned if they have been furloughed.

In guidance published on the 24th April, the government confirmed that those employees who have been furloughed and are taking family related leave which began on or after 25th April, will be entitled to be paid based on their usual rate of pay, rather than the reduced furlough rate of pay.

Family related leave includes:

  • Maternity
  • Paternity
  • Parental or Adoption leave
  • Parental bereavement

Entitlement to Statutory Maternity Pay, as well as the other forms of Parental or Adoption Pay, are currently calculated through an employee’s average earnings over an 8-week assessment period. For Maternity Allowance, entitlement and the rate payable is also determined by looking at average earnings over a 13 week period.

The government making this decision will ensure that those families who may already be under a lot of stress in light of Covid-19 and who are about to take time off work because of the birth, adoption or death of a child, do not see their entitlement to pay affected as a result of being furloughed.

If you are taking or planning to take family related leave and are unsure of your rights, contact Lisa Aitken on 07960 469988 or email for free initial advice.


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