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Coronavirus | The effect on criminal proceedings

The coronavirus has had a dramatic effect on criminal proceedings taking place in both the Magistrates Court and Crown Court. With social distancing policies in place, courts are trying to operate in a way that will safeguard the health and safety of all parties involved in court hearings.

The right of an arrested person to legal advice is fundamental to a fair and functioning criminal justice system and Moore & Tibbits remains dedicated to providing a legal service to our clients.

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and HM Courts and Tribunals Service(HMCTS) announced on 3rd April 2020 that for public safety reasons, the work of the courts and tribunals will be consolidated into fewer buildings.  There are 161 open court and tribunal buildings open for essential face-to-face hearings.  In addition, there are a further 125 staffed courts which will not be open to the public.  These courts will support video and telephone hearings to ensure continued access to justice.  80 courts have been temporarily closed. 

If you have a court hearing scheduled, please contact us prior to the hearing and we can provide you with specific advice relating to your hearing.

For those on police bail, it is an offence to fail to attend without reasonable excuse.  If you cannot attend eg. because you are ill or self-isolating, please contact us as soon as possible and we can contact the police and try to resolve the situation for you.

Our criminal team at Moore & Tibbits solicitors believe in the rights of individuals and businesses to be fairly treated within our justice and courts systems and we will continue to do everything in our power to continue to serve our clients.  With a wealth of experience from drugs defences and conspiracies to motoring offences we are here to help.

Our criminal team are available to provide advice should you be facing a prosecution.  Contact Sean Logan on 01926 478031 or Sarah Lawrence on 01926 478032

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