Sean is a Criminal Defence and Motoring Law specialist who appears in both the Crown Court and the Magistrates’ Court to represent people on a daily basis. In addition to his Court work Sean also represents clients at the Police Station and is a Duty Solicitor, able to offer free and independent advice to people who find themselves in police custody. Furthermore, Sean is a qualified Criminal Higher Court Advocate meaning he represents clients in the Crown Court and is also able to represent clients in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division).

He practises the full range of Criminal and Motoring Law work from Speeding and Drink Driving to appearing in cases such as Rape, Armed Robbery, Proceeds of Crime, Drug Conspiracies, Assaults and Causing Death by Dangerous driving in the Crown Court. Sean has appeared in a dozen or more Crown Courts throughout England and Wales and approximately 40 different Magistrates’ Courts, choosing cases on a national basis – both privately funded and legally aided.

Sean had previously been based in the Thames Valley, Gloucestershire and the Birmingham / West Midlands area before returning to Warwickshire with Moore & Tibbits in January 2005.

In 2010 Sean was appointed as an Independent Appeal Panel Member by Warwickshire County Council to sit on School Admission and Exclusion hearings.