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Test and Trace – Statutory Sick Pay

The Government has announced the launch of the NHS test and trace service across England. Workers who need to self-isolate are entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) for every day they are in isolation provided eligibility criteria is met.

For full details of how the test and trace service works, please click here.

Formal notification (either a phone call, letter, email or text message) will be provided to those who need to self-isolate and will set out how long they need to self-isolate for.   This notification will be used as evidence for employers to claim a rebate for Statutory Sick Pay.

If a self-isolating employee cannot work from home, they are entitled to Statutory Sick Pay which is paid at a flat rate of £95.85 per week by employers for up to 28 weeks per period of sickness.  Depending on your contract, you may be entitled to enhanced support either in terms of the rate of pay or duration of sick leave. This is known as ‘contractual’ or ‘occupational’ sick pay.   Guidance has been produced for employees that are unable to work because they are self-isolating.

Many campaigners have asked for statutory sick pay to be extended to everyone requested to self-isolate and be raised to the real Living Wage of £260 per week.  It is feared that many people will face financial hardship if they need to self-isolate and will therefore continue to work, thereby putting communities at risk and undermining the track and trace service.

For details of statutory sick pay and eligibility please click here.  

If you have any concerns regarding your employment and statutory sick pay, our employment solicitor Lisa Aitken is available to let you know your legal rights.  She can be contacted on 07960 469988 or email:



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