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Successful battle to get our client a package of care at home

Barry (name changed for confidentiality reasons) had been living in a care home after being discharged from hospital. He had initially been moved to a residential care home on a temporary basis and only expected to be resident in the home for approximately 2 weeks. It had been acknowledged by the professionals involved in Barry’s care and his family that his health had dramatically improved since his admission to hospital and subsequent placement at the care home.

Barry was of the understanding that his placement in the care home was only ever a temporary arrangement and therefore he agreed to temporarily extend the stay.  He was consistently expressing a wish to return home however, this was not supported by his family.  Barry’s family had concerns about his care needs should he return home and the possibility of him displaying the same challenging behaviour that he had experienced prior to his hospital admission.  Barry’s placement at the care home was being funded by his family.

An assessment of Barry’s needs demonstrated that he did not require 24 hour care and his needs could be met at home with a suitable package of care.  Despite this, Barry’s planned move home was not supported by his family and indeed he was encouraged to return to the care home in the event that he attempted to leave. 

We were instructed to support Barry with a move home.  Barry was very frustrated that his placement had lasted 8 months longer than he had anticipated.  Within 4 weeks of our instruction, Barry was supported home with a suitable package of care which was able to support him and his family with his return home.

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