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Guidance for local authorities and clinical commissioning regarding direct payments and personal health budgets (updated 11 September 2020)

The government has published updated guidance outlining the national expectations of the local authority and clinical commissioning groups in relation to the use of direct payments and personal health budget(s).

Key points include (but are not limited to):

  • Continuity of care and support; further encouragement of adult social care agencies to promote a flexible approach to the delivery of care to meet an individual's care needs. The guidance states “payments should continue to be used flexibly and innovatively with no unreasonable restrictions placed on the use of the payment, so long as it is being used to meet eligible care and support needs”
  • Greater flexibility; creation of the more opportunities for local authorities and clinical commissioning groups to review, adapt and/or suspend practices which inhibit the ability for family members to provide care.
  • Greater support; continued assistance and enhanced communication between social care agencies and those who receive care to understand the guidance to support individual’s care needs and the responsibilities of each services to ensure cooperative engagement. 
  • Statutory Sick Pay; payment of statutory sick pay for personal assistants.
  • Contingency arrangements; development of contingency plans in the event personal assistants are unable to work and provide care and support.

To read the full updated guidance CLICK HERE

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Article by; Charlotte Bell | Solicitor 

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