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Fracking and the Implications for Conveyancing Clients

The increase in Fracking Licences will be of concern to Clients and sensible steps are required to protect your interests .

More than 300 licences have been granted for onshore oil and gas exploration since the Government lifted its ban on the controversial mining processes for Shale Gas - commonly known as "fracking" . 

In recent weeks there has been heated debate and action between those who support the process and anti-fracking campaigners . 

Add to this issues over wind farms and nuclear power plants and it is clear to see why environmental issues will be a cause of concern for buyers and tenants . 

Some key concerns are : 

  • Earthquakes
  • Water contamination
  • Nuisance from heavy traffic
  • radioactive contamination
  • sound pollution
  • blight
  • industrialisation of the landscape

We can now provide new environmental reports to assist clients . Please Contact our Team to discuss this further if you have concerns . 

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