Communication Policy

Communication – Changes to Terms and Conditions 

The partners and staff have throughout the pandemic striven to ensure that we were here when you needed us, and we hope that we can continue to provide you with that quality service which we take pride in. But we now need your help so that we can continue to meet the high standards we set ourselves during a period of unprecedented demand. 

Why we need your help 

We are like many practices being faced with unprecedented demands as the housing market continues to grow, along with probate, wills, Family Law and Litigation which are set against a national shortage of staff and other challenges in the legal market which create  delays in the progress of matters beyond our control.  

Our priority must be to complete the legal work you have instructed and that sometimes places unbelievable pressure on our staff who receive an extraordinary numbers of telephone calls and emails everyday . We understand the need to be kept informed, but we must balance that against the time it takes to actually undertake the work you require from us. 

The Changes we need to make 

In order to manage time more effectively our staff will not answer routine calls or emails until after 11am in the morning. If you call before this time the receptionist will take your details and you will be called back at the earliest opportunity. If the call is urgent then you should give a brief description to the receptionist of the urgency of the matter and you will be connected with the department. Nonurgent emails will be dealt with as incoming post, and you will whenever possible receive an acknowledgement of receipt within 24 hours. This will not affect any pre-arranged call that a fee earner has specifically agreed with you which might be before 11am. 

We hope you will assist us by restricting your communications with us to necessary and urgent, allowing  our staff to give their attention to your work. We appreciate your patience and support throughout this time which we hope will be of limited duration.