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Prison law

Being in prison can be distressing for both you and your loved ones. QualitySolicitors works with prisoners and their families to ensure legal rights and privileges are looked after.

When you find yourself on the wrong side of the Prison Gates it is important that you do seek expert legal assistance as this can make a real difference to how your sentence progresses and how you make the most of any opportunities to progress your release as much as possible .

There are a number of very usueful resources when you need prison law help :

It can often be very confusing to work out what someones prison sentence actually means and when their release date may arise . We have a system which has a variety of sentences including

  • Life sentences
  • Indeterminate Sentences
  • Extended Sentences
  • Fixed Sentences with Conditional Release Dates
  • Short term Prison Sentences

Depending on each there are different sentences and release opportunities with opportunities for early release generally controlled by the Parole Board - The Parole Application .

Discipline in Prison is maintained by a an Incentives and Privilege Scheme , with ultimate sanctions being dealt with either by a Governors Adjudication System or for the more serious offences by an Independent Adjudicator ( District Judge ) with options including for some sentences additional days imposed .

Other opportunies also can arise to advance including the possibility for a re-categorisation application so the prisoner can move to less secure conditions . You also need to know about the various courses that are available and those you will be expected to undertake to demonstrate reduciton in risk for the Parole Board . You need to take a careful approach if you are maintaining your innocence and still want to demonstrate to the Parole Board that you can be released early back into the community .

Being in prison can be distressing for both you and your loved ones. QualitySolicitors Jordans works with prisoners and their families to ensure legal rights and privileges are looked after. We understand that being in prison is lonely and it is difficult to access any support that is why we go above and beyond to ensure that your rights are upheld.

Legal support is available to individuals in or about to enter prison and upon release. When taken in to prison, you might want to appeal against the conviction or the sentence and we can help you with that. If you experience difficulties whilst in prison then we can assist you.

Our specialist Prison Law team offer assistance with a number of areas across Doncaster, Yorkshire and the UK. Legal Aid Funding is available to prisoners for:

  • Independent Adjudications
  • Parole Board Oral Applications
  • Parole Board Written Applications
  • IPP Parole Applications
  • Recall Appeals
  • Pre Tariff Reviews
  • Lifer Reviews
  • Cat A Reviews
  • Sentence Calculation

Where Legal Aid is not available we can assist you on a fixed fee basis so that you will only pay one fee with no hidden charges. Areas not covered by Legal Aid include:

  • HDC applications
  • Guittard Applications
  • Prison Transfer Applications
  • Medical Treatment issues
  • Judicial Review ( if you meet the high threshold for us to be able to act )

Our specialist lawyers work with you to ensure you understand your legal rights. Our aim is to ensure you and your family are cared for properly. QualitySolicitors explain your rights and privileges thoroughly and simply. You will know what options you have, and the consequences of each. Our expertise in prison related law means you know effective action will be taken where possible. Our aim is to secure the best possible outcome for you.

Contact QualitySolicitors on 01302 365374 to discuss your situation – ask to speak to one of our specialist lawyers.

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Mark Newby
Principal Member and Higher Court Advocate
Doncaster, Kiveton Park
Jessica Rafter
PA to Mark Newby : Family , Crime & Civil Litigation

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