Probate costs and services

We offer a range of services aimed to provide you with as much assistance as you need at a very difficult time in your life and you face the task of winding up the affairs of a loved one or someone who has placed a great deal of trust in you as their executor.  

Our lawyers and probate clerks have substantial number of years , professional qualifications and a fully regulated professional body behind them which allows us to provide you with a sympathetic and expert service at whatever level you need.

We provide a range of services both at Fixed Fees details of which are set out below or a bespoke service in which we tailor the work to the estate and the outcome to be achieved. MOST importantly we start all of our instructions with a fee interview and advice on how to proceed during which we can discuss the best service for you and unlikely many Probate Practices if we are acting for you as the Executor then we only charge for the work we do. We DO NOT  Uplift our fees by charging a percentage of the estate. 

COME AND TALK TO US . We have a lot of experience and can really help you solve a lot of problems in a difficult time



GRANTS ONLY  ( Where there is no inheritance Tax  (IHT)  liability 

Providing you are able to let us have all of the detail of the estate and values at the date of death  we can obtain a grant on your behalf for  

£450.00 plus vat and the probate Court fee of £155

The Probate Court fee if we make the application as a regulated Practice is reduced from £215 to £155 saving you £60 and we are registered with direct portal  access to the Probate Registry all of which saves you time and stress .

GRANTS ONLY  (where an IHT return is required because of a previous gift in the last 7 years or it fails to qualify as an excepted estate but only has one asset eg a house)  

Providing you are able to let us have all of the detail of the estate and  values at the date of death and  we can obtain the Grant and complete the IHT form on your behalf for £775 plus vat and the Court Fee of £155

GRANTS ONLY  (Where an IHT return is required because the estate is not excepted from IHT or there have been more than one previous gifts or we need to bring forward un used allowances for an earlier death )  

Providing you are able to let us have all of the detail of the estate and values at the date of death we can obtain a grant and complete the IHT form on your behalf  for £1750 plus vat and the Court fee of £155   

PLEASE NOTE THAT IN THE ABOVE FIXED FEE SCENARIOS WE WILL NOT BE COLLECTING OR TRANSFERING THE ASSETS FOR YOU ONCE THE GRANT HAS BEEN ISSUED. If however you need assistance with  the placing of statutory advertisements , paying the funeral account , transfer of property  or collection of assets or completion of tax forms or a dispute with the DWP re life time benefit payments, reclaiming nursing home fees or varying the terms of the will or tax planning   we can then assist you to undertake such matters and provide you with relevant advice  on a time costed or further fixed fee basis . 


GRANTS , with or without IHT  where you do not have all the information that you need or simply feel overwhelmed at such a difficult time . We can step in and deal with a much or as little as you need including obtaining details of the estate, correspondence with the banks, investment, utility , pension and debt companies, we can deal with funeral arrangements, clear the property ,  deal with the beneficiaries and the collection and transfer of the property operation of the executors account. At the end of the process you will be provided with professionally drawn up distribution accounts for each of the beneficiaries and  we will provide you with all the advice you need re statutory advertisement s to protect you against creditors deal with the tax office and DWP , advise on  the appropriate time limits and dates for distribution so relieving you of some if not all of the stress and burden of the role . 

For such work we will provide you at the outset with an estimate of our charges and keep you updated throughout. If we are acting for you as the executor we will NOT apply an increase in relation to the value of the estate. WE WILL ONLY CHARGE YOU FOR THE TIME SPENT IN DEALING WITH THE MATTER 


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