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CHC Assessments , Appeals and Asset Claims

If your loved one is receiving Local Authority Care either in a home or at their own home they may be subject to the need to be assessed for Continuing Health Care Support others they will be responsible for funding their care costs fully themselves . Knowing what you can claim and are entitled to is vital .

You may also need urgent help over a claim by the local authority to recover family assets which they want to put their charges against .

You need to be able to access expert advice to guide you through a CHC Assessment and challenging any adverse decision . 

This may also involved you needing help tackling a claim by the Local Authority for the return of family assets or a legal charge on the family home . 

As to CHC this is a potential mindfield and different Local Authorities can take different approaches to the assessment process . It is vital therefore to know your rights and have guidance as you navigate the system . 

We can offer assistance in respect of : 

  • Pre- CHC application preparation 
  • CHC Funding Assessment Meeting 
  • Appealing a Negative CHC Decision 
  • Defending a Depravation of Assets Claim 
  • Pursuing Care Standard Complaints against the Local Authority and individual care homes 

To support you we can offer a range of fixed fee packages and always provide a free initial consultation. We are also able to consider a no win no fee and Contingency Fee Arrangements . 

Where required we can pursue full legla challenges including Judicial Review Proceedings. Call us on 01302 365374 today.


Team members

Mark Newby
Principal Member and Higher Court Advocate
Doncaster, Kiveton Park

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